Spencer Stander is a sculptural fine artist, specializing in original game design and fabrication, with use of his ‘faux-Impasto’ technique. His work effectively bridges the gap between function and fine art, creating his own special niche in the art world. 

Stander found his voice in game design when working with Steve Lyons, one of the leading contemporary artists in the U.S., on creating a textural base for a video installation exhibition. After garnering attention for his piece hanging in the Steve Lyons Gallery in Cape Cod, Stander began creating games in full. Each sculpture has the components of a conventional board game – board, pieces, rules, a narrative, an objective, etc. – yet his pieces are collector’s items with the artist’s own aesthetic implemented onto every part. Stander began creating games for anywhere from 12-50 people to play, and what started as one experiment quickly became a portfolio of more than 20 complete board games, card games, and games that serve as collectible decor. 

The functional side to his work has begun to take the form of ‘game nights,’ bringing together art and game enthusiasts to experience his unique perspective through narrative, visuals and, frankly, entertainment. Stander’s passion for the gaming experience has allowed a shared hobby with his daughter to become the inspiration for his creation. 

Stander is also the founder of Stander Productions Inc., an award-winning company that serves as a complete shop for a multitude of media formats handling full production and post-production.